Admission Test

The online admission test is taken on a computer. The candidate should be familiar with the use of mouse and the keyboard. Each candidate is given a different examination. The sections of a test (English, Analytical skills, Math etc.) appear in a random order. Moreover, questions related to different sections appear before the candidate in a random order. In each section, a candidate can move forward and backwards to review the responses selected. The candidate can change his or her response to any question within the current section.

Applicants should reach the test centre on the date and time specified on the admit card. Latecomers will not be allowed to take the test. Applicants should not bring anything to the test center except their Admit Cards. No applicant will be allowed to take the test without an endorsed Admit Card. The Admission Test is held at all campuses of the University.

Following is a topical distribution of admission test questions for various degree programs:

Section / Topics BBA & BS (A&F) BS (CS /SE /EE) MBA ½ year MS (CS, CNS, DS, SPM, EE, MS)
English 15% 10% 10% 10%
Essay Writing 15% - 5% 5%
Annalytical Skills & IQ 30% 20% 20% 20%
Basic Math 40% 20% - -
Adv Math - 40% 10% 10%
Physics - 10% - -
Specialization Area - - 40% 40%
Quantative Methods - - 15% 15%
General Knowledge - - - -


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