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Courses Offered
The purpose of Computer Science degree programs is to produce computer scientists, who can form the backbone of the rapidly growing computer industry. The BS program is focused on developing an in depth understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science through a rigorous course work spanning over a period of four years. Students are given unique opportunities to go beyond traditional computer science and get themselves involved in research activities through various research and industrial collaboration programs carried out at the campuses. This ensures a broad based educational foundation that prepares them for leadership roles along diverse career paths.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of FAST – NU has designed the curriculum in order to meet the challenges of today’s competitive job market. The curriculum is updated frequently to facilitate the latest changes in the field and benefit the students, directly. The program is aimed at the students with the passion for the field, mostly on the practical side.The Electrical Engineering degree is based on the HEC/PEC approved curriculum. In the first year the students learn the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering supported by essential mathematics and physics courses. These courses are followed by breadth courses which introduce students to different specialties in Electrical Engineering. In their senior year students choose a specialization stream and study advanced courses.

Change is the only constant known today to the business world which has to grapple with the challenging realities of an increasingly global and complex marketplace. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at FAST attempts to bring out dynamic managers and administrators, well-equipped to meet the challenges posed by this highly competitive global marketplace. To this end, the approach in the classroom is tailored to inculcate an appreciation for both the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of business. Quantitative skills developed through such areas as accounting, statistics, financial modeling and linear programming are combined with qualitative skills in communication, human psychology, marketing and organizational behavior.
The importance of Humanities subjects cannot be overlooked, even in the technical degrees like Computer Sciences and Engineering. “Humanities” is the genre of knowledge that provides the social and personal development skills. Every educated individual, regardless of their field of expertise, should have the basic knowledge of these social and personal development skills. Furthermore, traditional sciences play an important role in the logic building and problem solving skills. So Physics and Mathematics are crucial to the degree like Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering.FAST – NU doesn’t offer any degree in the fields of traditional sciences like physics, mathematics, etc.