NUCES - Center for Professional Training


The Center for Professional Training (CPT) seeks to provide both opportunities and resources for continuing professional development which is the sole means of ensuring a successful, meaningful, and productive long-term career in the 21st century.


The Center for Professional Training is committed to offering opportunities for achieving professional excellence primarily through seminars, workshops, and short courses on a wide variety of topics ranging from field-specific, research related topics to soft and other key life skills to create well-rounded professionals.

The fast-paced and constantly evolving world of research and technology of the 21st century informs CPT‘s specific objectives which are outlined below:

Functioning of CPT

Committee Chair: Dr. Jawwad A Shamsi (Director)

Departmental Coordinators:

Administrative Coordinator: Mr. Ovais Mustafa


All esteemed faculty members are strongly encouraged to propose workshop/seminar/short course topics and also conduct these workshops or seminars for the students, staff, and other interested faculty members. Faculty members are encouraged to coordinate with their departmental coordinators for any proposed activity.

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