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Centre for Research in Data Science

Centre for Research in Data Science

Data Science is a dynamic and fast growing field at the interface of Statistics and Computer Science. It is an interdisciplinary field to get knowledge and various insights from data. The Data Science Research Group at Karachi Campus of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences addresses the challenges associated with getting information from homogeneous and heterogeneous data. Research group mainly focus on machine learning and information processing techniques for data analysis with main applications in writer identification, face recognition, cancer classification, multi-label classification, social media data analysis and information visualization. Data Science is going to become of the important discipline in Computer Science. The research group will focus on cutting edge development in this field.

Team Members:

  • Dr. Muhammad Atif Tahir
  • Dr. Hasina Khatoon
  • Dr. Muhammad Rafi
  • Dr. Rauf Ahmed Shams
  • Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed
  • Dr. Jalaluddin Qureshi
  • Dr. Muhammad Nouman Durrani

PhD Students:

  • Mr. Farrukh Hasan
  • Mr. Furqan
  • Mr. Hanif Soomro
  • Mr. Shehzad Ahmed
  • Mr. Zeshan Khan

Selected Recent Publications:

  • FA Khan, F Khelifi, MA Tahir, A Bouridane, Dissimilarity Gaussian Mixture Models for Efficient Offline Handwritten Text-Independent Identification Using SIFT and RootSIFT Descriptors, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 14 (2), 289-303, 2019 (Impact Factor, 4.332)
  • Remy Peyret, Ahmed Bouridane, Fouad Khelifi, Muhammad Atif Tahir, Somaya Al-Maadeed “Automatic classification of colorectal and prostatic histologic tumor images using multiscale multispectral local binary pattern texture features and stacked generalization” Neurocomputing January 2018. (Impact Factor 3.32)
  • F H Syed, M A Tahir, Safe semi supervised multi-target regression (MTR-SAFER) for new targets learning, Multimedia Tools and Applications 77 (22), 29971-29987, 2018 (Impact Factor 1.6)
  • Faraz Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Atif Tahir, Fouad Khelifi, Ahmed Bouridane, Resheed Almotaeryi “Robust off-line text independent writer identification using bagged discrete cosine transform features” Expert Systems with Applications, April 2017 (Impact Factor 3.9)
  • Qureshi, A. Malik, “On Optimization of Wireless XOR Erasure Codes,” in: Physical Communication, 27, April 2018, 74-85. (Impact Factor, 1.522)
  • Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Atif Tahirr, Muhammad Rafi, Flood Detection Using Social Media Big Data Streams, Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies, 1-10, 2018 (Book Chapter)

The Smart Video Surveillance Lab:

FAST-NUCES Karachi campus has been awarded Rs 39.3 million from Planning Commission of Pakistan and HEC to establish state of the art Smart Video Surveillance Lab as part of National Centre for Big Data & Cloud Computing – NCBC, Pakistan. The lab aims to extract appropriate and timely information from large number of video streams that can benefit government agencies, hospitals, and educational institute. In this regard, the lab plans to develop three video surveillance-based applications: “(a) Theft Car Surveillance, (b) Real Time Weapon and Face Recognition from CCTV Images, and (c) Suspicious Activity and Evidence Detection using Smart IoT Systems and Active Learning” to address the needs of providing security to the citizens of Pakistan. This project aims to finish by May 2021. Prof. Muhammad Atif Tahir is the PI and Dr. Nouman Durrani is the Co-PI in this project.