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P r o c o m

FASTIAN! Be Ready for Procom.

PROCOM is a pinnacle of advanced technological and businesses competitions from computer science, electrical engineering and management sciences. It started with a vision of developing an interest among computer science students for software coding and logic building activities in order to promote software development in Pakistan. In its later years, PROCOM grew larger with the inclusion of competitions that catered for students from the fields of Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. PROCOM has grown into a mega-event known all around Pakistan. It is also an event that is recognized by individuals as a standard to test their skills against. Top tier individuals challenge each other for supremacy in each competition being offered. Apart from competitions, PROCOM is also a stage for young entrepreneurs to promote their ideas and for companies to recognize and hire talented individuals through our interview, job fair program and Innovative Business idea demonstration. PROCOM is a legacy for greatness, and a pathway to success.