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Financial Help

Assistant Ship

The University may utilize the services of its students in its different activities. These students are compensated for rendering their services.

Bank Loans

Interest free loans in the shape of “Qarz e Hasna” is being offered by Ihsan Trust under the umbrella of “Meezan Bank”. Students interested to apply are requested to meet “Manager Academics” of the campus.

Study Loans

Realizing that the fees may not be affordable for some of its students, FAST arranges financial assistance in the form of interest-free study loans for bright indigent students. This assistance is subject to renewal every semester in light of the student’s academic performance. Financial assistance is limited to tuition fee only and is discontinued if the student’s CGPA falls below the minimum specified to avoid warning. Loan recipients MUST take full load of courses offered.

Applying For Study Loan

Applicants desirous of seeking study loan should apply for this purpose on the prescribed form available from all campuses or downloadable from the University website.

Repayment of Study Loan

The repayment of loan starts three months after graduation or soon after getting employment, whichever is earlier. The total amount has to be repaid within a period of four years after graduation. Students are required to sign a contract allowing future employers to deduct loan repayments at source and remit it to the University.