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Intelligent Systems Group

Intelligent Systems Group

The Intelligent Systems group is engaged with the design and development of Intelligent systems in cross-disciplinary settings. Our main focus is intelligent, data driven and behavioral modelling and control of the systems such as electric power systems, plant health management systems and autonomous multi-agent systems.

Team Members:

  • Dr. Muhammad Burhan Khan (Principal Investigator)
  • Dr. Asim-ur-Rehman Khan
  • Dr. Syed Muhammad Atif Saleem
  • Dr. Haider Mehdi
  • Engr. Haris Mohsin
  • Engr. Muhammad Ahsan Khan Sunny
  • Engr. Zakir Hussain
  • Engr. Sidra Saeed Gillani
  • Engr. Maham Ghauri

Student Members:

  • Mr. Muhammad
  • Mr. Muhammad Azam
  • Mr. Muhammad Asad Khan
  • Mr. Hayyan Bin Shahid
  • Mr. Hassan Mansoor

Recent Publications:

  • Ang, R.B.Q., Nisar, H., Khan, M.B. and Tsai, C.Y., 2018. Image segmentation of activated sludge phase contrast images using phase stretch transform. Microscopy.
  • Khan, M.B., Nisar, H., Ng, C.A., Lo, P.K. and Yap, V.V., 2018. Generalized classification modeling of activated sludge process based on microscopic image analysis. Environmental technology39(1), pp.24-34.
  • Khan, M.B., Nisar, H. and Ng, C.A., 2018. Image processing and analysis of phase-contrast microscopic images of activated sludge to monitor the wastewater treatment plants. IEEE Access6, pp.1778-1791.
  • Khan, M.B., Nisar, H., Ng, C.A., Yeap, K.H. and Lai, K.C., 2017. Segmentation Approach Towards Phase-Contrast Microscopic Images of Activated Sludge to Monitor the Wastewater Treatment. Microscopy and Microanalysis23(6), pp.1130-1142.
  • Hussain, Z., Khan, A. U. R., Mehdi, H., & Saleem, S. M. A., 2018. Analysis of D2D Communications over Gamma/Nakagami Fading Channels. Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research, 8(2), 2693-2698.
  • Hussain, Z., Khan, A. U. R., Mehdi, H., & Saleem, S. M. A., 2018. Outage Analysis of Device-to-Device Communication System. Visnyk NTUU KPI Serila – Radiotekhnika Radioaparatobuduvannia, 73, 36-43.
  • Hussain, Z., Khan, A. U. R., Mehdi, H., & Saleem, S. M. A., 2018.  Analysis of Device-to-Device Communication over Double-Generalized Gamma Channels. Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research, 8(4), 3265-3269.
  • Zaidi, J., Butt, H., Nadeem, Z., Waseem, H., Yousuf, B. M., & Mohsin, H., 2018. Trajectory Tracking Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Sciences and Technology (ICEEST), Karachi, Pakistan, pp. 1-5.