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The Machine Intelligence Group

The Machine Intelligence Group

This super-group brings into confluence several teams working in machine learning, computer vision, data and text mining, and information retrieval.

Machine learning provides exciting aspects for enhancement and automation of business and scientific processes by making decision-making a function of data. Computer vision focuses on giving machines the ability to understand visual input.

The ability to automatically extract information from visual input finds its applications within the ambit of the projects being undertaken under the Video Surveillance Lab at NUCES-Karachi, which is using these data to provide security assistance to airports, streets, banks, old homes, schools; but just as well in medical imaging to assist in diagnosis and surgeries, in human computer interaction (playing games, controlling computers with gestures, etc), in exploration of outer-space, and other areas of scientific research. The group also focuses on knowledge discovery from textual data. It is involved in extracting unstructured text, processing of information, converting into structural form for meta representation, associating semantics information, and performing innovative task specific processing.

Some of the ongoing projects of the group include object classification and detection, action and activity recognition, and computer-aided medical diagnostics.  On the information retrieval side, the group is currently focused on document clustering, text summarization, sentiment analysis, named entity and event information mining, and web search and ranking. Algorithms and techniques proposed from the group have in recent times received noteworthy reviews from the international research community.

Research Group Members:

    • Dr. Syed Tahir Qasim