Societies in FAST

Whether it is dance or drama, science or robotics, clubs and societies in college span across an extensive range of interests, giving you enough flexibility to join one or two. One of the major advantages of joining a university club is the positive impact it will have on your professional and social life.


The WebMasters

The WebMasters is developing and maintaining the online facade for FAST Karachi on the World Wide Web since 14 years. From Conception to Designing, and Development to Deployment, The Webmasters has what it takes to craft the website of the best Computer Science University of Pakistan. The WebMasters is the face of FAST Karachi when it comes to the Social Media Realm.

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Association for Computing Machinery

The ACM Student Chapter is dedicated to the promotion of computing education, research and development. Here you join a team that aims to change the methodology with which students approach computing and technology. We do our utmost to deliver the latest, and most innovative educational and professional development resources that our members require to strengthen their skill sets and enrich their careers.

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Character Building Society.

CBS helps students improve themselves by showing a better character. It enables students to know and act on their responsibilities in different life roles.

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FAST Management Society.

FMS as known as “FAST Management Society” is a society founded by the FSM(BBA Department). It's main objective is to evince better management skills in the real world job environment. It solely focuses on our undergrads, as it's goal is for every individual.

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The IEEE NUCES aims to integrate the students and provide them a platform where they could get recognized for their contributions for the development and for the advancement of technology for humanity. IEEE NUCES plays important role in reducing the gap between the industry and students through innovative programs and projects.

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Think 'N' Create.

The objective of the committee is to develop within students, skill sets related to the industry. They shall be introduced to the current technical, managerial, ethical aspects of expertise in use or desired. Therefore, this is to ensure our fresh graduates to be more industry worthy, more confident in interviews. Moreover, TNC provides students with a resourceful platform for Projects and Research.

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The Literary Club.

TLC is the most active, the most happening and the most classy society at FAST. With events like Xpressions, Zauq, Agha Hasan Abedi Declamation Contest, Intra-MUN, Parliamentary Debates and an annual magazine called the "localhost"; TLC tries to inspire a literary and artistic taste in the techies, geeks and nerds of FAST. TLC aims to turn the scientists of FAST into visionaries; because only true visionaries are able to say that “Code is poetry” and “Science is art”.

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Dramatics and Extra-Curricular Society.

The most happening students committee of FAST-NU, the Dramatics and Extra-Curricular Society (DECS) has only one objective – fun! DECS has always been on the go in planning extra-curricular activities such as picnics and melas for the FASTians which prove to be both exhilarating and exclusive. The annual picnic, Drama Competition, Annual Study Tour, and the very formal Annual Dinner are some elite events organized by DECS which almost ALWAYS rock!

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The ever so energetic SPORTICS Society has always been up and ready to provide Fastians with their necessary dose of thrill and entertainment. This year will be no different. Sportics has always strived to bring out the sportsman that is hidden within the students of FAST. Sportics brings the students of FAST action packed events such as LOG, E-LOG, FSL and various other competitions. These events have proven to be absolute nail biters.

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