Faculty Profile

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Memon

Department Of
Computer Science

Ex: 214


Teaching Courses

Research Interests

Big Data Systems, Blockchain, IOT, Machine Learning, Software Engineering


An AI-based adaptive framework for personalized E-Learning. (NCAI)

Efficient Communication Infrastructure for Large-Scale Communication of IoTs in a Smart City. (HEC, NRPU)

GPU Teaching and Research Center, Big Data Analytics and High Performance Computing NVIDIA Inc. USA.

Parallel and Distributed Curriculum For Big Data Early Adopter. IEEE Technical Committee on Parallel Processing, USA

Other Significant Projects:

Volunteer Computing

Smart City Security and DDoS Detection using SDN

Smart City Networks Routing using Machine Learning

Stock Market Analysis using Data Analytics.

IoT Security using Deep Learning. Anam Qureshi

Distributed Deep Learning and High Performance Computing.

Automatic Grading of Short Answers using Deep Neural Networks

Block Chain based Anomaly Detection

Deep Learning based Natural Language Processing

Neural Network Based Text Summarization

GPU based Streaming Framework

Resilient Software Defined Networks

Medical Report Analysis using Deep Learning

Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud

Traffic Control in Smart City using Machine Learning

Crime Detection in Smart Cities using Computer Vision