Program Info

1. To produce computer scientists who fulfill the requirements of the national and international market of data science products.
2. To equip students to transform data into actionable insights that enable them to make complex business decisions.
3. To enable students to apply computational, statistical, and machine learning techniques to process large and complex data sets.
4. To enable students to conceive and execute data science projects.
Degree in relevant subject of Science or Engineering or Mathematics, earned from a recognized university after 16 years of education with at least 60% marks or CGPA of at least 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0).
Past Academic Record (Bachelor) 40%
Performance in NU MS subject Admission Test 60%
For the award of MS degree, a student must have:
a) Passed courses totalling at least 30 credit hours, including core courses.
b) Earned CGPA of 2.5 or more
MS (Data Science) course work is tailored according to the international standards to nurture the capacity building and original thinking in our postgraduates for lifelong-learning. Our goal is to produce such postgraduates that are highly sought after by national and international organizations and can pursue their further studies in national and international universities.