Summer Semester

Rules for Summer Semester

  • Summer semester will be offered as an optional semester of 8 to 9 weeks’ duration.
  • The contact hours per week during the Summer Semester will be doubled to ensure that the course is completely taught in summer (with half the duration as compared to a regular semester).
  • Research courses or projects will not be offered.
  • A student cannot register for a new course. Exception to this rule is granted when:
    1. An elective course is being offered by a distinguished scholar or professional who is only available during summer.
    2. A student needs one or two new elective courses to graduate at the end of summer.
  • Students can register in summer semester for courses which they have previously taken, and were awarded a letter grade (including W).
  • A student will be allowed to repeat a maximum of 2 courses (with associated labs if any).
  • A student can withdraw from a summer course on or before the last day of classes.
  • Summer courses cannot be dropped, hence, fee is neither refunded nor carried forward to next semester(s).
  • Financial assistance, scholarship or fee concession is not available in summer semester.
  • Minimum of TEN (10) students should register in a summer course.
  • Warning Count is incremented/decremented in summer semester.
  • A student can study summer semester in another campus, provided that the parent campus is not offering that course. Student must obtain, in writing, prior permission from Director of the parent campus.
  • Visiting faculty shall not be employed during summer semester, except where the course was offered in a regular semester by the same visiting member.