Engr. Abdul Rahman

Assistant Professor

I am a dynamic, experienced and result oriented professional with a successful track record in the field of software development. Articulate and persuasive in dealing with management, peers, staff and diverse clientele. Consistently meet corporate goals while also managing staff to improve organization environment. I have strong decision making, leadership and management skills. Being fully involved with both industrial and academic environments I have educated, trained and mentored student & engineers in real-world engineering problem solving. I have successfully managed more than 50 industrial projects. I have provided my consultancy services in the following areas: Military Signals and Remote intercepting sites and Secure Messaging, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Application Development and Customization, Embedded systems development for communication control, Migration of enterprises to Open Source and Linux based IT systems, IT security design and audit for networks, servers and systems, Developed real-time banking applications, Mobile application development specifically on Google Android and iOS platforms.


Courses Taught


– Web Engineering

-MS Practicum I

-MS Practicum II

-Data Structures

-Software Design and Analysis

-Design Defects and Restructuring

-Operating Systems

-IS Audit & Control

-Web Programming

-Software Engineering

-Object Oriented Analysis & Design

-Software Testing




MS Computer Engineering (Specialization in Software)




(1) NBP Excellence Award 2017.

(2) Implemented AES on Android

(3) Implemented AlphaPeeler Crypto tool. (4) 3. Crypto tool (AlphaPeeler) was published in cryptanalysis tools in “Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Exam – Cryptography” (312-50) Certified Ethical Hacker- Module 19. Copyright (C) 2012 by EC-Council. URL: https://tinyurl.com/y3s82lh9




1. The Future of Internet, Fahad S., Abbasi A., Memon. Z.A., Aziz A., Rahman A., The Future of Internet: IPv6 Fulfilling the Routing Needs in Internet of Things, International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking (IJFGCN), vol. 11, Issue 1, 2018, pp. 13-22.

2. Review of Embedded OS chapter in Operating Systems Internals 7th edition, by Dr. William Stallings, Prentice Hall – USA, ISBN-10: 013230998X, ISBN-13: 9780132309981