Mr. Muhammad Wasif Khan


I am a Lecturer of English and a PhD Scholar in English Linguistics. I am having an eight years of experience teaching at tertiary level. I am associated with some professional teacher training organizations and deliver training sessions on Teacher Development to teach English effectively. My research interests are; Language Testing and Evaluation, Intercultural Communication, English Language Teaching through Technology, Motivation and Perception, Language, Culture, and Identity, and Semiotics.


Courses Taught


English Composition and Comprehension, Communication and Presentation Skills, English Language, Communication Skills




MS in Applied Linguistics




Co-Faculty Head of Core Committees, Co-Faculty Head of Newsletter Committee, Co-Faculty Head of DECS (Dramatics and Extracurricular Society)



– Motivation and Perceptions of Undergraduate Students in Online ESL Classrooms

– Perceptions about Teaching Effectiveness and Learner’s Achievement in Online Oral Communication Classes