Ms. Amber Shaikh


I’m teaching courses of Mathematics at Undergraduate level in FAST-NUCES since January 2019. My research area includes Differential equations, Neural networks, Numerical computing and Optimization.


Courses Taught


Linear Algebra, Simulation and Modelling, Probability and Statistics, Complex Variable Transform, Calculus and Analytical Geometry, Differential Equations, Discrete Structures, Numerical Computing




M Phil (Mathematics)




Gold Medalist in MSc( Pure Mathematics)



Total 8= 02 ISI + 06 International (Peer Reviewed)

Journal articles


Amber Shaikh, Asif Jamal, Fozia Hanif, Syed Inayatullah Khan & M. Sadiq Ali Khan(2019), Neural minimization methods(NMM) for solving variable order fractional delay differential

equations(FDDEs) with Simulated Annealing(SA), PlosOne.(IF=2.776)


Amber Shaikh, Fozia hanif, M. Sadiq Ali Khan, Asif Jamal & Hassan Khan(2019), Series Solution of fractional pantograph equation via Taylor Series. 3c tecnologia (ESCI)


Khan, N. A., Shaikh, A & Muhammad Ayaz. 2017. Accurate numerical approximation of nonlinear fourth order Emden-Fowler type equations: A Haar based wavelet-collocation approach. Waves, Wavelets and Fractals. 3(1): 75-83.


Khan, N. A., & Shaikh, A, (2016). A smart amalgamation of Spectral Neural algorithm for

nonlinear Lane-Emden-Fowler Equations with simulated annealing, Journal of Artificial

intelligence and soft computing research, 7(3), 215-224.


Khan, N. A., Sultan, F., Shaikh, A., Ara, A., & Rubbab, Q. (2016). Haar wavelet solution of the MHD Jeffery-Hamel flow and heat transfer in Eyring-Powell fluid. AIP Advances, 6(11), 115102(IF=1.8).


Khan, N. A., Khan, S., Shaikh, A., & Raja, M. A. Z. (2016). MHD Stagnation Point Flow of

Nanofluids Over an Off Centered Rotating Disk in a Porous Medium via Haar Wavelet. Journal of Nanofluids, 5(3), 444-458.


Khan, N. A., Shaikh, A., Raja, Z., & Khan, S. (2016). A Neural Computational Intelligence Method Based on Legendre Polynomials for Fuzzy Fractional Order Differential Equation. Journal of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics, 12(2), 67-82.


Book Chapter


Khan, N. A., Shaikh, A, Sultan, F, & Ara, A., (2016). Numerical Simulation Using Artificial Neural Network on Fractional Differential Equations, Numerical Simulation – From Brain Imaging to Turbulent Flows, Prof. Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz (Ed.).