Ms. Mubashra Fayyaz


Ms Mubashra Fayyaz is Lecturer in CS department and PhD scholar, at National university of computer and emerging sciences karachi campus since 2017. She completed her BS in 2017 and MS in 2020, both in Computer Science from FAST Nuces Khi. Her research interest lies in Machine learning and NLP.


Courses Taught


Data Structures, Operating Systems, Object Oriented programming, Programming Fundamentals




– BS CS FAST NU 2017

– MS CS FAST Nu 2020

– PhD CS ongoing




  • Mubashra Fayyaz, Abdul Aziz, “Comparison of Content Based and Collaborative Filtering in Recommendation Systems” in MITA ’19. Vietnam.


  • Mubashra Fayyaz, Aqsa Zahid and Abdul Aziz “Blockchain and impact on current Industries” 16th Asia Pacific International Conference on IST (APIC-IST 2021)