Mr. Muhammad Shahzad

Assistant Professor

I love to work on a precision medicine problem especially related to drug sensitivity prediction to a panel of cancer cell lines. I have implemented numerous meta-heuristic algorithms to discover and explore the biological markers from the pharmacogenomic datasets like Depmap portal, CCLE and GDSC. Currently I am working on an explainable AI with drug sensitivity problems to achieve the interpretability so that better and accurate cancer treatment would be planned. Moreover as a faculty member at school of computing, I enjoy teaching theoretical computer science courses.


Courses Taught


Theory of Automata, Compiler Construction, Discrete Structures, Data Structures, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Programming Fundamentals




MS – Computer Science (FUUAST), MS – Computer Science (Hamdard University), BS – Computer Science (SALU)




I have received a grant under the International Research Support Initiative Program (IRSIP) from HEC for Lancaster University, UK.



EBSRMF: Ensemble Based Similarity-Regularized Matrix Factorization to Predict Anticancer Drug Responses. Shahzad, M., Tahir, M.A., Khan, M.A., Jiang, R., Shams, R.A. 20/04/2022 In: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems. p. 1-10. 10 p.