Dr. Rauf Ahmed Shams, PhD

Assistant Professor

I am, highly interdisciplinary in nature, interested in formulating problems in the domain of complex systems. Currently involve in answering structure, formation, and dynamics of social behaviors in digital world. Interested in understanding the group dynamics, social perception, true/fake news dissemination, and social cognition particularly on social media platforms. I am interested in applying the learnt concepts over the social behavior on virtual platforms particularly the Metaverse. Along with the social cognition, decision and structural dynamics of social groups, Network biology is also my area of interest. My group is working on algorithms to find key genes for a better drug target in precision medicine. I am open in several research areas, you can contact me via email.


Courses Taught


– Artificial Intelligence

– Business Analytics

– Social Network Analysis

– Advance Design and Analysis of Algorithm

– Advanced Bioinformatics




PhD in Computer Science




NSF award in 2007 to participate at IPAM, UCLA, USA. Co-PI Project approved on intelligent systems by NRPU 2022 research grant program by HEC.




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