LocalHost Newsletter Volume 4 issue 3

With collaboration of TLC, TWM and FPC we have been successful in publishing the Volume 4 issue 3 of LOCALHOST- The Official Newsletter of FAST khiRead more
4 March, 2017.

Delegates of universities from USA visit FAST

A delegate from USA Universities visited FAST-NUCES, Karachi campus on Tuesday, February 07, 2017. The delegates discussed the admission/scholarships opportunities for MS/PhD in USA with the students.
7 Feb 2017.

Access to DataCamp course

FAST-NUCES, Karachi campus now has access to DataCamp course online. Students can learn about R, Python and Data Science via the DataCamp website.DataCamp website
21 Feb 2017.

Tour De Pakistan

Pack your bags as DECS Tour 'de Pakistan registration opens. Register now and travel across your very own country and explore the true nature ... Read more
2 Jan 2017.

FAST BBA Students Win IBA Branding & Advertising Conference

The IBA Branding & Advertising Conference is the biggest conference on branding and advertising for young students in Pakistan. This year, the Conference's theme was "Marketing Plan" where participating...Read more
12 Feb 2017.

Convocation 2016, FAST-NU Karachi Campus

The Convocation - 2016 of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), Karachi Campus has been scheduled to be held ...
12 Nov, 2016.


Developers Day 2017

Developers Day is an event which acts as a doorway to the professional life and computer science industry of Pakistan for the upcoming graduates.
Date: 16th March 2017.

Venture Dive Workshop on REACT.JS

Venture Dive will be coming to FAST NUCES Karachi for a hands on introduction and a training workshop on REACT.JS which will be conducted by -- Mr.Syed Murtaza Zaidi and Noman Ali.
Date: 14th March 2017
Time: 1-3 PM

Spring Semester 2017 MidTerm Exams

“To be better equipped for the tests that the year will bring read a textbook. To prepare for the tests that life will bring read a book.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Starting from 20 feb 2017




ACM-NUCES Karachi Chapter is a student run Computer Science dedicated society that runs year round mentoring, training, and development programs as well as hosting National and intra university competitions to further the growth of FASTians and their relationship with the industry or academia.



DECS is the society that organizes exciting and fun filled events for the whole year. It provides with a platform for the students, to showcase their talent and motivates them to polish their extracurricular skills.



Sportics society strives in giving the spectators and competitors a zest of excitement and entertainment with the games like Cricket,VolleyBall,Throwball, Football, Tabletennis and Badminton.



The Webmasters is a small group of dedicated Knights working hard around the table and the round the clock to produce awesomeness. It provides students with a platform to help them develop web design and development skills. Its aim is to produce and polish technical skills among the developers through healthy competitions and activities.



The Literary Club (TLC) aims to promote and foster interest in literature in the students and faculty. It aims to develop a positive and favorable attitude towards literature and soft skills. It intends to give recognition by appreciating the work of individuals working to achieve the aims and objectives of TLC.


The Fast Photographers Club

fast photographer's club is the photographic society of FAST-NUCES Karachi Campus. It is the only and official source of pictures of the universities happenings. The motto of FAST Photographer's club is to capture a million memories in a blink of a moment.




Performs at Annual Dinner 2016

Procom '16
Developer's Day '16
Nu Liga
Coder's Cup '15
Agha Hassan Abedi
Arcadia '15