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  • MoU Signed with GADITEK to Develop Career & Learning Opportunities for Students

  • MoU Signed with ByteCorp to Develop Research & Career Opportunities for Students

  • MoU Signed with Systems Limited to Develop Career & Learning Opportunities for Students

  • MoU Signed with Dice Analytics to Work on Research & Development Avenues


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Pioneer of Modern Education in Pakistan

One of the best computer science programs in the country. A pioneer of modern curriculum and academic excellence that is well-recognized by leading software industry entities.


Masters, Bachelors and PhD Programs

FAST Karachi offers a number of undergraduate and post graduate programs that are aligned with the latest technological trends and also offer a reputable PhD degree.


Societies and Extra Curricular Activities

We offer our students an environment that enhances their social skills while allowing them to have a memorable time at the campus through various societies and events.

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New Application

The admissions in different undergraduate and post graduate programs at FAST NUCES Karachi is offered in the Fall Semester of each year. You can submit and track the status of your application online.


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What are the university timings?

The Main Campus of FAST NUCES Karachi stays open from 8 am to 4 pm, five days a week. The university also has City Campus located in PECHS Block 6, Sharah-e-Faisal that stays open till 9 pm, six days a week.

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Can I park my car on campus?

The students who come to university on their car or motorcycles can park their vehicles in the Main Campus parking area just outside the main gate of FAST NUCES. The City Campus also has parking spots for the visitors.

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How Can I Apply?

FAST NUCES offers admissions in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Fall semester every year. You can apply online once the admission period begins. The intake dates and application deadlines can be found on the page

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