Program Self-Assessment

  • QEC launches SA through the Campus Director, on a yearly basis.
  • Department forms the Program Team (PT) that will be responsible for preparing SAR.
  • QEC reviews the documentation within a month.
  • The Campus Director constitutes the Assessment Team (AT) in consultation with the concerned Head of Department based on the recommendation of the QEC.
  • QEC plans and fixes AT visit.
  • The AT conducts assessment and presents its findings to QEC, Campus Director, Program Team (PT) and Department Faculty.
  • The QEC submits an executive summary to the Campus Director.
  • Department prepares implementation plans.
  • Follow up of the implementation plan by QEC.

a. Details of Self-assessment processes (in table)

No. Cycle Program PT SAR AT AT Report ES IP Corrective Action
1 1st BS(CS)
2 BS(EE)
3 MS(CS)
4 MS(DS)
7 MS(EE)
8 PhD(EE)
9 PhD(CS)
10 2nd BS(CS)
11 BS(SE)
12 BS(EE)
13 MS(CS)
14 MS(DS)
15 MS(SPM)
16 MS(CNS)
17 MS(EE)
18 PhD(EE)
19 PhD(CS)


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