Mr. Shoaib Raza

Mr. Shoaib Raza



I have more than ten years of undergraduate teaching experience. My objective is to deliver my knowledge to valuable and energetic youth in order to make them industry and market competitive and to serve the country with diligence and devotion. Subjects of interest are Computer Networks, Cyber Security, Discrete structures, Databases, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, and Software Development.

Courses Taught

  • Discrete Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Database Systems
  • Research Methods
  • Database Systems Lab
  • Computer Networks Lab


  • Ph.D. Computer Science (cont.) From FAST NUCES
  • MS(CS) from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi
  • BS(CS) from University of Karachi


I have received the Gold Medal in MS(CS).


  • Shoaib Raza, Aniq Shafiq, Syed Rizwan Ali, & Ahmer Umer, “A comparison on Distributed Systems Environment and Programming Paradigms”, International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 4 August 2016.
  • Presented Research paper “Reasons for Security Issues in Cloud Computing” in International Conference on Business & Management 2016 (ICBM 2016) held on Friday, December 16, 2016 – Saturday, December 17, 2016 at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi.

Master’s Thesis and Project Supervision

Details of few supervised MS Thesis/ Projects are as:

  • Supervised a Research Thesis “Preventing IP spoofing in kubernetes using eBPF”, designed the mechanism of authenticating the services communication and prevent IP spoofing attacks.
  • Supervised a Research Thesis “Zero Trust Architecture Implementation: Challenges and Solution”, to investigate the challenges in adaptation of Zero Trust Security Model / Architecture and proposed the possible solutions to carter the challenges faced.
  • Supervising a Research Thesis “Implementation of Zero Trust Architecture to Prevent Web Attacks”, to investigate the adoption of Zero Trust Architecture to prevent XSS and CSRF attacks, and its adaption for different web application architectures and development frameworks.
  • Supervising a Research Thesis “Securing the Microservices Ecosystem: A Layered Approach to Mitigate DDoS Attacks”, to evaluate the effectiveness of layered security approaches in mitigating DDoS attacks on microservices-based systems in a real-world setting, and to determine the metrics used to evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Supervising a Research Thesis “Minimizing the Impact of Zero Trust Architecture on Performance”, implementing Zero Trust policies across the architecture to determine potential performance degradation, including increased latency and reduced throughput.
  • Supervising a Research Thesis “House Price Prediction Using Machine Learning”, to design a predictive model that can investigate the house prices based on the number of factors like size of the property, year built, accessibility to the nearby hospitals, markets, type of utilities available and many more. This is a regression (supervised learning) problem because the predicted value is continuous in nature.
  • Supervised a Web Application “The CMRS”, this application helps common man to interact with higher authorities of our country to solve their problem. Basically it is a project to bring higher authorities of country and a common man closer. The Application CMRS will help people to sort out their problem and make our society and country prosperous.
  • Supervised a Web Application “EVENT MANAGEMENT AND COLLABORATION SYSTEM”. A web-based platform which lets a customer explore, observe and analyze the available options on their required location. A service provider or vendor can exhibit their services to market customers and analyze other available options.
  • Supervised a Web Application “My Fitness Partner”. This application provides features like pre-recorded videos, live session with trainer, one-to-one session with training/consultancy, sell/buy gym related products (store), rating/feedback of trainer program and calories calculator.

BS Final Year Project’s Supervision

Details of few supervised FYP Projects are as:

  • Supervised Crypto Currency based Android Application “CRYPTONEX– Crypto trading bot”Crypto trading bot is a software that helps you automate your trading strategies.Crypto currencies are known for being highly turbulent and volatile, with prices fluctuating dramatically even in the space of seconds that might not be noticed by any trader. A human trader may not be able to monitor the prices and carry out his trades 24/7.
  • Supervised Crypto Currency based Project “Using Twitter Sentiments to Predict Bitcoin Price Fluctuations” Our work revolved around performing sentiment analysis on Bitcoin related tweets, and using this for time series forecasting of bitcoin prices.We provided a platform for real time Bitcoin forecasting based on sentiments of tweets. Monitor the impact of tweets on BTC price and Real Time Bitcoin forecasting of btc using twitter sentiments.
  • Supervised Computer Vision based project “Covid-19 SOP Enforcement System using mask detection and facial recognition”. This project would hold people accountable for disregarding precautions that are meant to protect humanity. It would create a sense of responsibility in an individual towards their fellow peers and country.
  • Supervised Machine learning based project “CREDIT SCORING USING ML”. This research-based project aims to classify customer credit as defaulter or non-defaulter. It identifies if customers belong to a good risk applicant group or a bad risk applicant group.
  • Supervised Project name “Innovah”. It’s a business incubation platform which aims to provide young entrepreneurs a place where they can find all the necessary resources required to convert their idea into a product. This project provides a single online platform to provide services to idea pitchers and investors.
  • Supervised Project name “Product Eye”. An application-based tool, which will allow its user to capture image of the product they want to search through their phone’s camera in real time or upload an image from the local storage and it will identify the product from the image captured, and return the similar products sorted by ratings and reviews to the user, available in the database.
  • Supervised IOT based project “Air Pollution Monitoring and Prevention System (Air Alert)”. An Android App which helps people plan outdoor activities by checking air quality (amount of CO2 and NO2) at destination.
  • Supervised Project named “Pakistan Signed Language (PSL)” Chat App for the welfare of blind people. It is an application for making communication easier between special person and normal person.
  • Supervised project name “Score Sorcery” aims to provide Football fans standalone companion website to check the score prediction including line ups and stats, all portrayed in a simple yet beautiful interface.
  • Supervised project named “Road Care”. An Android App which can help reduce traffic accidents by making users able to see the preceding car in front of them, based on collision detection between the vehicles in foggy weather.
  • Supervised Project named “Driving Learning App” an Android App which provides a common platform to the driving institutes and Learner.
  • Supervised Project named “Meals on Wheels” an android App which provides a common platform to the Chefs and People who want homemade food.